Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Focaccia On My Mind

It's a jewelry blog, right? Yesss. Technically. But a girl has to eat. See my Nov. 20, 2009 blog, Food As Inspiration and you'll gain more insight as to what really makes me tick. I am an amateur baker-bread mostly, but anything home baked...get in my belly! (Goldmember). Right now I am in the mood for focaccia-the olive and rosemary one pictured. The recipe I use comes from Nancy Silverton's Breads from the La Brea Bakery. I have been there-it's this little hole in the wall near Hollywood and at most times of the day you stand elbow to elbow waiting your turn, hoping that the person before you doesn't take the last one of the one you are eyeing. She would not let me take a picture (even when I told her I came ALL the way from Arizona). If she only knew that I am extolling the wonders of her breads! Back to the bread, slice this baby (it made 2!) lengthwise and you have the most wonderful surface for gastronomic delight! Heck, just slather pesto on it while it is warm, in hale first, then shove it in. You are probably getting a vile picture of me eating like those hot dog eating contestants. As Julia Child used to say Bon Appetit!


  1. YUMO!!!!!!! I love the smell of baking bread... not to mention the eating of it. Have you ever visited Jane at

    She has an amazing blog & does some of the most wonderful cooking/gardening. But, she has started a new blog with books/food. If you go to her site there are buttons for the food blog. When you click on the photo on the food blog I think it gives you the receipe. Have a wonderful Thursday. HUGS! Charlene