Friday, April 2, 2010

No better time for a remodel!

Still no pictures of new jewelry and this is part of the reason: a home remodel. THANKFULLY, my dog and I have been living at my mother's house for the last several months and our good friend, who is renting our house, is not only doing everything himself (he happens to be a general contractor!) but is dealing with the horrible mess so we don't have to. So, between running to Home Depot, The Great Indoors, checking on-line for faucets, sinks, lights...going to the house to see progress, getting e-mails about faucets, sinks, lights...exchanging e-mails with my husband who is out of the country, I don't get much done. Ok, between that and taxes, certainly NOT getting much done!
This is our ho-hum living room/kitchen wall. We have lived in our Spanish/Southwest style home for over 4 years and are taking advantage of our situation and giving our friend much needed work.

We wanted to open up the space to be able to interact with people in the kitchen (me) and with those in the rest of the house (my husband and the dog). It is definitely open and it is a load-bearing wall. Finally, got rid of the old painted, warped, and ugly cabinets!!!

This just feels more social and I am sooo excited for these new cabinets with pull out drawers! It is not done yet. Our black granite counter tops need to go back on and we are getting a granite bar top, and glass blown pendant lights will hang over the bar.

It won't show up in the following picture, but do you see the entry into the dining room? Since there is an arch theme in the house my husband wanted one framing this entry and it turned out really well (husband is also a builder).

Obviously, much more work to be done...I am a patient person and living with my mom has been a blessing. I have taken over her breakfast table with my jewelry and now her dining table with my sewing project (more to come) so we joke that we will be eating off of T.V. tables in the bedroom. I truly believe that no matter how old a 'child' gets, they always return to the nest at some point.
Enjoy your nest!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!I know you are anxious to have this finished! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh ,very good luck, with finishing your remodeling, looks great, and thanks for your sweet visit, -I love your blog-look.
    :) Dorthe

  3. It's so fun to see the before, during and afters!!!! Of course, I will be one of the lucky ones who gets to see the "after" in person!!! I'm so glad it's coming along. I love seeing that me other blog friends are visiting! Just wait till the party... it's gonna get crazy!

  4. I talked to Karen today & I thought I would stop by to see how you are. What's up in your world? Have a great weekend. CHarlene

  5. Hey there Devon! It looks kool! Bill will be pleased when he getsnto crack open his first beer in the new kitchen. And the best part is he didn't have to do it himself!

    Karen's "DH", Steve