Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Blog Gets A Makeover

So, you have already noticed that my blog got a makeover! I did like the other background design-it was fun and whimsical (thanks to but after a year I was ready for a change to something more elegant to go with my jewelry designs. I have to thank my dear friend Karen Valentine ( for all of this. We completed it during our weekly craft nights at her house-she kept track of 10 open tabs and the job each one had, describing out loud what she was doing, while I sat next to her trying to soak up some of her creativity, insight, and computer agility. We will be adding a finishing touch as soon as we can find what we are looking for. The girl has got some whopping talent. I have known her for over 10 years and have been in her house thousands of times but always find something new she has done or redone and she will always share her techniques. It's like a mini-tutorial every time I come over! Thank you Karen for sharing your time, talent, ideas, and your big heart with me!


  1. You are soooo welcome my friend!!!! I luv u!!!

  2. Okay girl...I was SO happy to have you as a new friend but NOW as I continue to read your beautiful blog, I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOU!!!!
    Jealous that you get to see Karen often, jealous that she's made you a BEAUTIFUL background...heck, I'm just plain jealous of your beautiful jewelry too!
    ok...whew...there! I've admitted it all and I'm so happy that we are still friends!
    I'm so enjoying my visit here!!!!!