Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tucson Gem Show

Let's rewind a few months to the biggest gem show in the world...and how lucky are we that it is almost in our backyard ( a mere 2 hours in the car!). I am not sure I would attend each year if I had to spend hundreds on a plane ticket as this would cut into much needed spending money. We (my jewelry partner, Marilyn, and I) have a rule when it comes to the gem show: buy 3 strands-2 to use in our designs and the other to hold onto for the inevitable moment when we realize we are out. I actually have the same crazy rule when it comes to scrapbook paper (however, more stringent)- 1 sheet to use and 2 to hold onto. I have a problem with letting go...obviously.
Each year I also spend a little more money than the last...and then I start to panic...and there goes my 3 strand rule! Then I run out of gems, and get mad at myself. I must pass through 5 stages of the shoppers paradigm.
Thankfully, big statement necklaces are still in fashion as well as vibrant colors. I bought large rough aquamarine (my staple), rough kyanite, varasite jasper (purple, yellow, and blue), large prehnite, Peruvian opal, flourite, tektite, carnelian, turquoise, coral
and look at the size of my amber. I have passed it up for several years and we finally talked each other into strand! We do this every year...