Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Snow In Sept?

Another heartfelt thank you for all the wonderful words left by fabulously creative bloggers and a huge thank you to my friend Karen Valentine for her hard work and dedication to putting it all together, and bringing US all together!
I hope to be more regular at posting blogs and new jewelry designs and I welcome comments!!
I asked my sweet cousin, Kelly, to model the necklace I made specifically for her. This was a few months back on our visit to Aspen. We found the most pristine snow with absolutely no one around and played with our husbands in the snow. It was the perfect setting for her Iceberg necklace. I made one for myself which I immediately named as my new favorite (happens with every new piece). Then she saw it and had to have one, so I had her help me design it. We took an old earring and attached it on the diagonal to the bottom and beaded through it and added a drop (which gets lost in her cleavage, but who cares!) I love it and love her. This was unfortunately the last of my raw glass chunks from the Tucson Gem Show. {Note to self: buy three strands of everything we for me, one to keep, and one to design with!}