Monday, May 13, 2013

Vintage Jewelry Re-Doux

 While I love to make jewelry out of gorgeous natural gemstones, I have a soft spot for the pieces made from jewelry pieces passed down to me from my mom or other family members. These pieces will  never make it to my boutique because they hold sentimental value and they are one of kind and can never be duplicated. 

The necklace in the above picture was made with a  pair of vintage daisy earrings from the 50's given to me by my mother. Connected to the daisy ensemble is a vintage pin and finally the drop at the bottom is an earring (not vintage, once broken and discarded)

The necklace below is one of my (many) favorites. The center piece was either a vintage earring or pin. I wired each bead by hand using sterling silver, crystal, and hematite. The drop at the bottom is comprised of a broken earring and a vintage Catholic religious medal given to me by a friend. I made it in the style of a rosary but shorter as I also wanted it to be its own piece.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

 A little while ago I had a jewelry show at my house. I invited friends, family and coworkers.

 It was really fun to try and display all the jewelry in a creative way. Although I am still learning, I think I did a pretty good job!!!

 I borrowed a mannequin from my friend Karen from My Desert Cottage and it really helped to make the necklaces pop!
I am very grateful to have sold many pieces and will do it again for sure!!

The best part however, was just getting together with friends and playing dress up!!!
I was so involved in the party that I forgot to take photos of the guests trying on the jewelry and having fun! Oh well, next time!!!