Thursday, July 11, 2013

Where Bloggers Create 2013

Welcome to my little 'studio' in the corner of our home office/fitness equipment & craft storage room where many  Blumensnapdragon designs are created or finished. You wouldn't think I know where everything is as it's quite cramped, but I do! Like most of you, I can't design until my space is organized. I use antique milk glass pieces, candy bowls, silver trays, etc that have been handed down or found at garage sales.

Some of my favorite 'uniquities' are created with crochet hooks that I have had since I was a child. I still worry sometimes that they will be confiscated by TSA so I rarely take them in my carry on to work on projects.
Normally, I don't think of myself as having ADHD or ADD but when it comes to designing, I must. I cannot just design one piece. No. Sometimes. I will sit on the floor and start emptying jars of semi-precious stones or my vintage elements and if I don't like the exact combination I will start on another piece but still look to finish piece #1, but in turn start on #3 and so on. I think I bought a lot of blue at the 2013 Tucson Gem Show!
The red multistrand necklace above is vintage and I really like it as is, but I really want to dismantle it and create 3 things with it! (see previous story). The other necklace is one I just finished. I am loving these patina crosses from the Gem Show as well as these baroque fresh water pearls and pyrite chunks.
Definitely needs organizing! This is the leftover jumble after designing. But I see a few possibilities...I did the silver cuff with magnetic closure a few years ago and want to do the color scheme with something else. I use broken pieces of jewelry and vintage items passed down from relatives to create one of a kind fun jewelry.
I have found baby food jars to be the best container to hold everything. I do travel often to a friend's house to design and then I rethink schlepping numerous glass jars!
(Grateful to have my angels looking over me) 
I love these paper roses Karen Valentine  adorned my birthday present with one year. I glued magnets to several and you will see them on my vintage ceiling tile bulletin board.
The spice jars and caddy work well too.
Because you can never have too much inspiration!
Awwww. My inspiration and motivation. Pictures of my husband and I, our dog Mischa, good friends, slogans, words of wisdom, and things I am grateful for. Love the bumper sticker from a cafe in California; What Are You Grateful For?
Oh my gosh! There is also a backside to this...filled! I need to get this covered by our home insurance policy. That's how important it is to me.One side of beauties was gifted to me by my husband's aunt and the other by his mother and grandmother. It is so hard to use anything from this collection in my new designs. It will be a slow process, but I'm also not one to hoard things. I want them to be used, talked about, and enjoyed.
See my previous blog about "The Unveiling". The remaking (stripping) of my awesome dress form.
My mother's old train case. It went everywhere with her in her youth and I have even taken it on cruises just because I'm an old fashioned girl. It still travels, but just to display my finished pieces at jewelry shows.
Thank you for depositing some of your precious time here. Your comments are like gems to me. Thank you Karen Valentine for giving us the opportunity to open a virtual door into so many creative bloggers' worlds. xo