Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Showing Off

We spent a wonderful weekend in Laguna Niguel, CA over Memorial weekend attending our friend's college graduation. The weather was perfect for sitting outdoors. We also did a lot of flying and waiting at the airport. I came prepared with spice bottles full of beautiful beads and had fun passing the time. Several women came up to me to observe and ask questions. I highly suggest this to other jewelry makers or crafters. Public places are great for marketing your craft. As long as you plan ahead and pack just what you need (security might confiscate sharp tools!) you can keep busy while waiting or driving in the car. I finished 2 bracelets and started on another darling necklace full of my favorite color for summer-aquamarine! The copper bracelet is full of carnelians and two types of pearls. The vintage brown wire with strawberry quartz, rhodadrosite, Swarovski crystals and pink peruvian opals is for my good friend Karen. Both bracelets just slide on. The necklace...I have to keep one of them! Let me know what you think (and how many you want!!)xoxo

Monday, May 18, 2009

As good friends often do, they share. So, I owe this first blog to my good friend, the most amazing artist I know, Karen (follow her at valentinestudio123.blogspot.com) for sharing the world of blogging with me as well as for opening my creative attic.