Sunday, April 22, 2012

If You Can't Handle People Staring...Don't Wear This

I'm serious! I wore this beauty with a purple slouchy top at a boutique party and saw the stares and overheard people gasping, "did you see her necklace?!", "OMG, it's gorgeous", etc.
It REALLY made my day. And I even wear this to work! As a trainer I'm working hands on with clients all day. Because the stones look raw people ask if they scratch me. No. And with the ribbon closure, I never feel it and can wear it as long or short as I like.

 These amethyst and citrine stones are my favorite find from the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show last year. As most of my friends know this story, they bring it up every time I wear this piece. They say, "The ones where you had to fight off the lady". True. We were

eyeing the same strand and
There was one left. Trust me, she walked away only with a bruised ego. It was in my hand and she said she wanted it. Really?
 You can choose to have yours look like the one above for $65 or I will custom make it (please contact me for pricing).