Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gramps and the Memory Chain

I just finished this new piece and I knew before I was done that it was going to be my new favorite. My 'Gramps', Clinton T. Chase, died a few weeks ago at the most incredible age of  98 1/2!! As I said in his eulogy, this is a new era for us (the grandchildren) as he was the last remaining grandparent. We are in our 4th and 5th decade of life many with their own children but there is something truly remarkable, different, and so special about grandparents. This man was an anomaly and lead quite a memorable life. In 1931 he sat in on a seminar by Albert Einstein. He was an aerospace engineer and worked on Amelia Earhart's plane, yes, that one. But he was always quick to add that he only worked on the wingtips! He joined the Merchant Marines and sailed all over the South Pacific. He was happiest at sea although he wasn't able to go on a luxury cruise until he was 93 due to the care taking of "his bride" for several years until she passed. We went on an Alaskan cruise to celebrate his 95th birthday (a few years early), then he went on two cruises by himself each year thereafter. Two years ago we did a family cruise to Mexico that makes me smile and cry. The last cruise he wanted to take was to Europe to see all of the brilliant cathedrals and to find out how they were made. It would have been spectacular indeed and I would have loved the look on his face as he studied and photographed each cathedral. Some day we will make his wish a reality.
In the meantime, I will wear this necklace which I have named the Memory Chain. This was his copper bracelet that I added ribbon and cord to as well as a decorative copper toggle. The stones are ivory magnesite with veins of brown. I added the copper lobster clasps so that I could attach them either to the extender chain and have them hang down my back or attach to the toggle in the front for added charm. I have been putting this on first then finding an outfit to go with it. For me, this is how I wear my heart on my sleeve (or neck) and how I will be working on my grief-by wearing my Memory Chain in honor of Gramps. xoxo


  1. Dev,
    Seeing this brings tears to my eyes. I can remember the day I gave you the copper bracelet and how I wondered how on earth you could make it into something beautiful. I should never have doubted you. Janice and I are so proud of you. Your beautiful eulogy at dads funeral was inspiring and it was very apparent what he meant to you. I will remember it always. We both love you very much....Uncle Alan and Aunt Janice

  2. Sorry to hear of your grandfather. It sounds as though he led a very full life surrounded by people that love him. I think it is wonderful and sweet that you incorporated his bracelet in such a beautiful fashion. I made a necklace this past weekend that incorporated things that belong to both my father and my grandfather. It's really good to keep them so close to us. Best wishes to you and your family. Hugs.

  3. What a wonderful way to remember your Grandfather.
    Gorgeous jewelry work!!