Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Auntie Janice

One of the many reasons why I love designing jewelry is because I can mix old with new and make a truly unique and meaningful piece that will actually be worn instead of hidden away in a drawer. See last week's post on the Memory Chain I made for myself with my grandfather's bracelet. The concept for the Auntie Janice necklace above was born the weekend I went to California to say goodbye to my Gramps before he passed. My aunt Janice showed me the antique etched pin/pendant passed down from her grandmother as well as a graduated pearl necklace that my Gramps had given my Nana and had gifted to my aunt after Nana passed. Both were not being worn and she asked if I could do something with them. Then she says she wants to give me 1/2 the pearl strand so we both have tokens of Nana. Seriously, it has been an emotional few weeks! So, I took the very dainty clasp from the pearl necklace and wired it to her pin and wired it around the aquamarine, pearl, and crystal necklace I made. We both have a thing for aquamarine. I sent it off with a note telling her never to wait for a special occasion to wear it because life passes quickly and we should wear the good stuff anytime!


  1. Oh Sweetie this is GORGEOUS!!! But what I want to know is this??? Aren't you supposed to be relaxing on the beach somewhere???

  2. Wow, your jewelry is beautiful, and your beads are so well organized! I was in the most wonderful bead shop today in Taylors Falls Minnesota! I love beautiful beads!