Friday, July 15, 2011

3rd Annual Blog Party!

Renew, Rebirth, Revive!

There is probably no other venue to make your comeback than at a party. Nothing like full exposure to hundreds of people! I feel like I have come out of my year-long cacoon. My last entry was at my good friend, Karen's, Blog Party 13 months ago. Since then, I found my dream job at a wellness clinic in Scottsdale and I moved back into my house after living with my mother for 7 months (see last year's post) during a remodel on our house. But the biggest change of all was my husband's safe return from Afghanistan on New Year's Eve night 2010 after spending a year in very remote and hazardous areas working with the Marines (Semper Fi all you military families). As my heart was being ripped out, I learned my brother, a Colonel, would also be there for 6 months!

I have never endured such emotional turmoil, depression, and despair for such a long period of time. My job, friends, and family and my faith kept me alive. I know there are many women in blogland and beyond that can relate so I won't go into any detail.

I want to give all my energy to my renewal; self-healing, marriage, family, friends, and my passions that satisfy both halves of my brain!

I went from a dining table to a 6 foot table in the corner of our office but I'm so grateful to have my own space! Not enough room to spread out yet, but we're creative, right?
I love the hanging organizer Karen gave me for my vintage jewels. Love those cigar boxes too!

My mother's old train case that I used to carry on trips. The antique binoculars I bought in Prague years ago and the funnest assortment of vintage jewelry from my husband's family.

Ahh, my dress form...sewing baskets and tote bags because I design jewelry with a friend each Sunday and schlep over all I can.
My inspiration board. Of course, one of my best friends and the most creative person I have ever met, Karen, HAS to be on this board (upper right) as well as the creative fairy necklace she made me! Then my sweet husband and I (upper left) and a simple love note, a few sketches of some necklaces, quotes, and our dog, Mischa, who shows me as much love as I shower on her and who has to be near me at all times. Our walks every morning help keep my sanity and allow me to create in my head.

Ok, speaking of...also known by her alter ego; Svetlana.

Some of my designs. Mostly new but the one on the right is repurposed from my mother's 1950's earrings, a vintage pin, and an earring for the drop. (my mother still names all of my pieces)

The necklace in the middle with the purple drops used to be an earring. Upper left are antique rosaries (Karen found these) and a lot of stuff that doesn't have a home.Jewelry awaiting a happy home. (They are all happy at my home but my husband says Picasso would never have been anything great if he kept all of his paintings for himself.) Hmmmm.I started using this picture holder to display more finished jewelry. E6000- you have made my life easier!My family-my strength. Some of my favorite pictures.

Rough amethyst and citrine, plus pearls from the Tucson Gem Show in February. Can't wait to work with these.

And...the other half of the room/brain. The final thing I love, is our flag, especially this one, as my husband raised it with the Marines on base in Afghanistan on our anniversary last year, 10-21-2010. Woah, that makes me all teary. Keep our soldiers in your hearts because we are in theirs.
(I had to put Karen's blog page on my monitor as she is responsible for this fabulous party- bringing so many people together for the sole purpose of sharing.)
Thank you for your time. It is so precious and you chose to spend some with me. I will do the same for you.
Now, go and enjoy some more!!!!!
xo devon


  1. You have such a beautiful space. I love your inspiration board, it is so unique from others I have seen :) I too am a military wife, and so my heart and thoughts go out to you. Your jewelry pieces are lovely! Thank you for sharing!


  2. You, your husband, your brother and your family have my undying gratitude forever! I cannot imagine what you have all been through! My husband and I are so thankful for people like you. Bless all of you!
    I love your jewelry, it is beautiful! and your Mother's train case is wonderful! So happy your husband is back home and you are in your dream job and home. Keep on creating!

  3. Thanks for sharing your creative space and a bit of your story. I'm so glad your life is falling back into place.

    Your jewelry is so pretty...thanks for giving us a peek at it!

  4. Oh sweet friend.. You know how happy I am that your life is finally as it should be. You are such a talented jewelry designer and I hope you can balance both talents and enjoy them equally! Thanks for letting us all peak into your sanctuary!!

  5. love all of your trinkets and am sending healing prayers your way...we artistic types can really be on a roller coaster of emotion..been there, done that. Good for you for fighting your way back and being a part of this! be blessed and if you can, stop by my studio and say hello. bertie

  6. Yay, another jewelry designer! I love your work!

    I hope you'll have time to visit my creative spaces!

  7. I am so enjoying visiting all the wonderfully creative spaces like yours! Just inspiring...

    And, I love your mom's train case...

    Thank you to your husband and your family for the sacrifice you all make to keep our country safe. Your efforts are so appreciated!!!

  8. Beautiful display ideas.

    Thank you for your sacrifices for the rest of us. I understand how keeping mind and hands busy is necessary.

    Bless you!

  9. Thank you for sharing your story...thanks God for families and faith huh? I can see you like to make jewelry too, Yay! Take care.


  10. I'm sooo thrilled to hear your story. So happy your hubby made it home. So did my SILove and two nephews. Praises to the Most High~

    Love your space..and your heart...and your vision~


  11. Your jewelry is beautiful.
    I am so pleased that your life is on the road to normality. Just remember deep breathing and one second at a time!

  12. It sounds like it's been a very hard year for you. Happy to hear you have survived it and that your husband is home. Love your space.

  13. You're a wonderful jewelry designer! Your pieces are beautiful. I love your work space; I know how great it is to have a little spot to call your own and do your designing and creating there.
    Thank you for sharing your space with us, your story with us and your designs with us.
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for you and your brave family members that help serve our nation and protect our freedom.
    Warm hugs to you.

  14. So happy your happy with life again!! Keep following your dreams and trying new things.
    Love you jewelry, so sassy and smart!!
    Thanks for sharing a part of you, your amazing!!

  15. Hi Devon... so much to say.... first.... LOVE your name... it's just sooo pretty.... and was my Mum's favorite place in England. :-)

    Please thank your Hubby for his service to this grand and glorious country. We are so grateful. And, to the families who support them as well. We understand what a sacrifice it is for them.

    I have a LOT crammed into a small place too... the house across the street from us is for rent.... oh how I'd love to rent it and use it as my studio. Wouldn't that just be the greatest? A whole darn house? :-)

    Your comment on your family/strength touched me deeply. And, I love it that your mom names your jewelry. Soooo sweet.

    Warm blessings...


  16. Thanks for sharing your space, your friendship with Karen which I can tell is very special to you, your beautiful re-purposed jewerly, and most of all your love story of you and your special husband! He is strong and so are you!! I love what you say about him and the snapdragons! So cute!! Take care and keep on creating! XO Fran.

  17. Devon,
    Your work is beautiful!
    My prayers are with your husband, your brother, your family, and you. I am truly grateful for everything our military and their families are sacrificing to protect our country. May you be blessed with abundant peace, joy, and love.

  18. Thank you for sharing your space and sharing your story. I pray every day for military families and will pray for your family specifically as now I know a little about you. You jewelry is beautiful and I hope that you continue to enjoy your time creating,

  19. You have lovely jewelry pieces. Thanks for sharing. Sandie

  20. So glad you are back in your own home with your brave husband. Thank him and your brother for me!

    How generous of you mother to have let you take over her house and how sweet of her to name your beautiful pieces, I especially like the one made with your mom's earrings and vintage pin, that's right up my alley!

  21. God bless you, your husband, your brother and the rest of the family. You are all appreciated and loved for all the sacrifices you all do.
    I'm happy you have a creative outlet such as creating and designing beautiful jewelries. Thanks for sharing your creative space! I love all your collections of vintage and memorable keepsakes.
    Hugs, Reina

  22. From one military wife to another ~
    You do beautiful work!!!

  23. Great space, I like all your inspirations boards.

  24. Thank you for sharing your story and your creative space, give your precious husband a hug from me and tell I said "Thank You"