Friday, November 20, 2009

Food As Inspiration

This summer was the absolute best in about 20 years! I cannot tolerate extreme heat and wonder why I have made Phoenix home for that long (I only wonder in the summer). Living in the Pacific Northwest, specifically Hillsboro, Oregon, awakened many passions. Not only did my sweet husband and I finally get to live together after 2 years of seeing each other every other weekend due to his out of state job, I had a bountiful and beautiful garden. I have always been interested in living off the land and have striven to make things from scratch whenever possible. I was closer to my dream! Moreover, living outside of the city we were surrounded by more nature and farmland than had we chosen to live in Portland. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, now that we are back in Phoenix, I really miss those Farmers Markets! I can't look at fruits and vegetables the same anymore. Previously, buying them was a duty for a healthy lifestyle, now I lust after them and their myriad colors and shapes dance in front of my eyes! I have been back almost a week and my meals seem ho-hum. I am digressing. The photos...the zucchini and tomato are from my garden and the plum galette (which I made three times because it was so incredibly well-received...thank you Food & Wine mag.) was made using the organic plums from my friend's gigantic backyard tree. So, I ate my way through 6 wonderful months in Oregon and I remain happy and inspired!

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  1. What a wonderful post!!!! I can't wait to see the finished piece of jewelry!